And before learning pointe work, a dancer must be able to maintain turn out while performing center combinations, hold a proper ballet position with straight back and good turnout, pull up properly in the legs, and balance securely in relevé. En pointe exercises determines foot placement and body alignment. Pointe work is a gradual process that starts with exercises at the barre to develop the strength in ankles, feet, and legs required for pointe technique. The first exercises at the barre are usually relevés and échappés (Barringer and Schlessinger,2012). When the student is comfortable executing these steps on both feet, and tendons and muscles have become sufficiently strong, centre steps are introduced. These exercises emphasize various aspects of ballet technique, such as balance, coordination and turning out etc.

All exercises on point are teached two hands facing the barre only until step is assimilated then at the center with slow tempos.

- Relevés 1st, 2nd and 5th positions en face.

- Pas échappé 2nd position.

- Assemblé soutenu.

- Pas de bourrée with changing feet.

- Pas de bourrée suivi.

- Pas courus.